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In INDIA, our company is associated with top suppliers of rental cars. These suppliers maintain a wide variety of cars to select from. Based on the interests as well as preferences of the traveler, there are different packages and deals available.
On renting a car through INDIA Cars Rental, travelers are entitled to get a set of inclusions and extra benefits with all cars. All these inclusions vary on the basis of the car as well as package selected. It is to be noted that travelers do not have to spend any extra money on these inclusions as these are already included in the price of that particular package. Some of these inclusions provided with rental cars in INDIA are:-

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Unlimited Mileage
Theft Waiver
Reduction in taxes
Airport Surcharges
Extra Child Seats, etc.

Travelers in INDIA also have the choice to select same cars belonging to different car rental suppliers here. This will provide them with wider options in inclusions and they can also compare car rental prices offered by different suppliers.
Rental cars belonging to different segments can be hired through INDIA Cars Rental. Some of the car types offered by our trusted suppliers in INDIA are 7 & 9 seat minivans, convertibles, Luxury, automatic and manual transmissions, sedans; economic low- cost cars, SUVs as well as sports cars.
In INDIA, all vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road.
It is mandatory for each and every occupant in the car to wear the seat belts.
All vehicles have to pass others on the left hand side of the road.
The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited and the use of hand- free system is encouraged.
Use of indicator lights is compulsory while turning.
You can take right turns only at the signed red signal lights after stopping. If it is not permitted, then you cannot take right turns even after stopping.
In some states, the use of radar detectors is strictly prohibited. In case you are taking the rental car across different states in the country, it is advised to get complete information about the rules and restrictions of that particular state. Defaulters of traffic and driving rules are heavily fined in the INDIA.
All vehicles must make way for emergency vehicles.
All drivers in INDIA must be at least 18years of age. This limit may vary slightly based on the state you are traveling to as well as the car rental company you are associating with here. In some states, there is particular limit set on the maximum age of the driver as well. In this case, the driver has to pay extra surcharges in order to be able to drive around in the rental car. Full – valid licenses are mandatory for all drivers in INDIA.
These cities are the harbingers of culture, entertainment, glamor and fashion all over the globe. The high quality of life in these cities attracts people from all across the globe to come and settle here.
The vast and open roads in INDIA make this country a favorite among road trippers. Whether you are visiting this magnificent country with your family, friends or as a solo traveler, road trip is the best way of exploring the rich culture and heritage of INDIA. With a rental car by your side, going on a road trip here is definitely the best way to spend your holidays in the INDIA.